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Watch – Find meaning with purpose-driven analytics

“Our whole world is becoming increasingly less purposeful, and as a result more depressed, more anxious,” says Vic Strecher, University of Michigan professor and CEO of Kumanu. “And we’re starting to lose direction in our lives.” Strecher has dedicated his research to helping people find meaning in work and purpose in life. His current project aids this mission. In this presentation, he describes Kumanu’s collaboration with the Harris Poll and the analytics methods used to answer to complicated questions.

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Watch – Bouncing Back: Embracing Tiny Habits that Strengthen Resilience

Key to your wellbeing is resilience – the inner strength and ability to bounce back from adversity – often stronger than before. Those who lead resilient lives maintain a set of habits that help them meet life’s challenges, stay focused on what matters most, and enjoy more fulfilling and healthier lives. We often know what changes we seek but, what keeps us from achieving greater resilience and emotional wellbeing in our own lives?

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Pouring the Water: Finding Ways to be of Service to Others

If you were to walk into any of the Zingerman’s businesses, you might just find CEO and co-founder Ari Weinzweig pouring water for his guests. In addition to building 10 successful businesses, Ari has published 6 books, is a sought-after Keynote speaker and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Bon Appetit magazine. Ari has sculpted a unique orientation to life and embraces service to others both in life and at work. Join Vic Strecher and Ari Weinzweig CEO and co-founder of the award-winning Zingerman’s Community of Businesses for an engaging discussion exploring what it means to be “In Service of Others”.

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Watch – Finding Purpose in Times of Uncertainty

Looking to unlock your organization’s potential during this time of uncertainty and head into 2021 with a clear vision and a motivated workforce? Join Robert E. Quinn as he hosts our Founder and CEO, Vic Strecher, Ph.D., MPH, to learn more about the science and practice of building purposeful, thriving organizations. Together, they’ll explore the current scientific research illustrating the positive impact an authentic and well-communicated purpose can have on individuals, teams, and organizations, as well as some keys to help you unlock your own potential.

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Watch: Dignity and Purpose in a Pandemic Livestream

The pressures on corporate leaders are unlike any we’ve seen in recent memory. A global pandemic, new work-from-home realities, childcare and eldercare pressures, and social and racial justice movements are accelerating a re-think of what it takes to create an emotionally well, engaged, high performance workforce. Join leaders from Kumanu and Willis Towers Watson who will share a leadership prescription for organizational performance and workforce wellbeing in challenging times.

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Work Just Got Purposeful

Our world is at a turning point, and your people are pulling through for you every day during complicated times. Our next Livestream Event, Work Just Got Purposeful, offers purposeful steps to take—and the science behind them—to help your people find more meaning, foster more inclusion, and create greater engagement in work, and in life.

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At Kumanu we stand in solidarity with those who speak out and protest against the social, economic, and racial injustices that damage lives, communities, and our country. We believe, at our core, that diversity makes us stronger, more innovative, more impactful, and more whole. 

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Work Just Got Personal

As the initial shock wears off and we begin to settle into a new daily rhythm, many of us are asking: how do we feel more in control when things around us seem out of control? How do we create new routines to help us be at our best for those who rely on us? How do we stay productive, focused, and positive?

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