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Purpose-centered Wellbeing

Purpose-centered Wellbeing

Something's likely missing from your wellbeing strategy

We’ve been challenged like never before. Your people sense it. You do too. Widespread burnout, stress, depression, and disconnectedness leave many of us feeling the traditional approaches to workforce wellbeing are no longer enough. To create real, authentic change, you have to start at the root to address core Personal, Social, and Organizational Determinants of Health.

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For Employers

From organizations of 500 to 500,000, we address the full spectrum of wellbeing needs by centering purpose to drive a powerful intrinsic motivation engine. 

For the Healthcare Workforce

High stress and anxiety. Burned out. Feeling undervalued. We’re helping health systems overcome complicated challenges through purpose.

For the Higher Ed Faculty & Staff

Today, faculty, staff, and students are experiencing wellbeing challenges like never before. We’re helping Universities rise to the challenge.

Burnout Prevention & Recovery Booster

Looking to get started right away with minimal lift and cost? Meet the moment with practical steps you can take quickly and effectively to treat and prevent the root causes of burnout for your people.


Activate wellbeing at its core

Purposeful helps your people bring a sense of purpose into each day by delivering a tailored experience that builds and reinforces emotional awareness, adaptive mindsets, prosocial behaviors, and healthy habits. Our team of program design experts support you every step of the way, creating a solution that is highly configurable, provides real-time insights, and integrates into your culture. 

  • Reach employees in multiple ways — both in and outside of the Purposeful App
  • Access real-time, actionable insights that matter like emotional “weathermap” trends
  • Integrate with existing benefits, and cross-thread
    related initiatives including DE&I
  • Create lasting impact through program integration
    and launch consultation to  support to grow and maintain employee engagement
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Help your people meet their essential needs

Social and economic challenges have a big impact on your employees’ health, wellbeing, and productivity. Resourceful, developed in collaboration with ProMedica, a national leader and pioneer in developing programs and resources that address SDOH risks, quantifies the prevalence of these unrecognized risk factors in your population and helps your people identify and address their own essential needs in a confidential and stigma-free experience.

Resourceful is a first of its kind solution that delivers new insights you need to understand what’s truly holding your employees back from being present, productive, and resilient.

Resourceful also works with your existing programs or as a new, innovative foundation to center your wellbeing strategy on what matters most.

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For your organization

Insightful by Kumanu is a powerful analytics and reporting platform providing you with a real-time pulse on your employees’ emotional wellbeing, engagement, unrecognized risks, and other metrics customized for your organization. AI models surface real-time emotional patterns within your population, uncovering insights on how they impact the overall performance of your organization.

  • Deploy Surveys to Gauge the Pulse of your Organization in Real-Time
  • Actionable Data on Metrics that Matter Most
  • Customizable to Meet Unique Organizational Needs
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The results are transformational

The evidence is overwhelming. Over 800 peer-reviewed studies show that people with purpose live more fulfilling lives and have more resilient minds and bodies — right down to their DNA. Less depression, better stress management, more openness to change & diversity, and sounder sleep are just a few of the tangible benefits. Plus, tapping into people’s deep sense of purpose sparks intrinsic motivation, reducing reliance on financial incentives and inspires thriving work cultures of engagement and high performance.
For your people

With over 800 peer-reviewed studies on the power of purpose it’s difficult to select a few, but here are some of our favorites:

For your organization

Some of the science behind how purpose can drive your organization forward:

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