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A purpose-driven experience that’s better for your people – and your bottom line.

Kumanu is the first purpose-centered wellbeing platform designed to get to the root causes of burnout, engagement, and emotional wellbeing.

Our platform’s core components

Lasting change starts with ‘why’

When your people discover what matters most, they tend to be healthier and more energized – keeping their productivity and enjoyment up, while keeping your costs and turnover risk down. That’s why we blend advanced technology with live experiences to inspire, support, and align with the most powerful change agent studied – purpose.

Our experience is more than personalized – for each employee, it’s deeply personal.

Engage hearts, not clicks

When your workforce is supported and powered by purpose, you get their authentic best-selves showing up without the over-dependence on costly financial incentives.

Help your employees when life gets in the way

By assessing essential needs (Social Determinants of Health) and connecting employees in need to vetted local and other organizational resources, we help them get the support they need to remove the barriers preventing them from bringing their best to work.

Build a supportive and amazing culture

When leaders support and develop an employee’s personal purpose, their teams are more engaged, perform better, and tend to stay longer. That’s why we developed purpose-centered leadership workshops – that work.

Deliver a
connected experience

We help you connect initiatives and programs with less cost, making it easier for your team and creating a more holistic wellbeing experience for your people.

Plus, gain actionable wisdom. Don’t just collect data.

Uncover insights about your culture and employees you can’t find anywhere else.

Culture Index

Benchmark and insights into people and business risks.

Predictive of:

  • Burnout
  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Mental health
  • Resilience
  • Mood & energy

Organizational Emotion
“weather maps” 

Social Determinants
of Health Risks

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