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The first purpose-inspired wellbeing platform.

It’s time to rethink wellbeing. At Kumanu, we focus on inspiring genuine engagement, not just paying for clicks. Our AI-powered, science-backed approach nurtures the whole person — from the inside out, and the outside in — helping both individuals and organizations thrive.

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Raise the bar on wellbeing.

Why settle for costly programs that underdeliver? It’s time for a wellbeing experience that people genuinely love – and that delivers real results. Spend less and achieve more by harnessing the power of intrinsic motivation over financial incentives.

Different by Design

Our purpose-inspired platform helps your people bring their best to what matters most every day – and streamlines access to resources, ensuring nothing stands in their way. An authentically engaging experience leads to better results, and lower costs, for your organization.

Interface screens for Kumanu's app, Purposeful, showing wellbeing resources, personal dashboard for goals, purpose and best self attributes, and emotions for check-in

More than Clicks. Change that Sticks.

By leveraging the latest science and personalizing with AI, Kumanu customizes a plan for each individual and workforce, engaging and supporting the people who need it most. The result? An experience that makes people feel inspired, connected, productive, grateful, and happy. And a client relationship that feels like a partnership, not a vendor transaction.

What results can we create together?

Improved Engagement

0 %

Reduced Risk of Depression

0 %

Reduction in Turnover

0 %

Reduced Risk of Burnout

0 %

Reduced Risk of Anxiety

0 %

Healthcare Savings

1- 2 %

Results based on Kumanu book of business analysis of individuals with elevated baseline risk. Turnover finding based on 2024 Kumanu client case study. Healthcare savings based on typical results from MOBE, our coaching partner.

Find out why future-focused organizations choose Kumanu.

Learn how a purpose-centered wellbeing strategy can help your organization.

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