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With Purpose.

Inspire a workforce and culture that thrives by putting purpose at the heart of your wellbeing and people strategy.

Workforce wellbeing built for now.

Kumanu is a modern wellbeing platform. We elevate purpose, and address the root causes of burnout, disengagement, and poor mental health in today’s workforce. Steeped in science, and customized for your culture, we deliver a better experience for your people, and stronger results for you.

Employees that burn bright, not out

People with a strong sense of purpose have more energy, are more engaged, recover faster, and are more resilient. Authentic cultures thrive by putting people’s purpose and values first. Change is easier when it starts with why.

Simplify. Support. Elevate.

Kumanu delivers a simpler way to connect people to needed benefits, and even to local resources. We harness intrinsic motivation for a more engaging and authentic experience that’s far less dependent on costly incentives – to produce positive change that you can see, and employees can feel.

Powerful results. On purpose.

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Lower Burnout
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Stronger Work Engagement
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Lower Turnover Intent

Based on the Kumanu book of business, 2023 analysis of those with elevated risk at baseline assessment.

Join leading companies using Kumanu to help their workforce thrive.

Learn how a purpose-centered wellbeing strategy can help your organization.

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