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A purpose-inspired experience that's better for your people – and your bottom line.

Meet Purposeful, the first purpose-inspired wellbeing platform. Purposeful combines consumer-grade design, advanced AI and the latest science to cultivate authentic engagement and support whole person wellbeing – without relying on costly and ineffective “click-for-points” incentives. Welcome to the future of workforce wellbeing.

We've got you covered.

You don’t have to get rid of what works in your wellbeing strategy – just what doesn’t. Need assessment data for planning? We’ve got you. Challenges to get teams engaged? Check. Digital coaching that actually works? Check it out.

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Dynamic whole-person assessments gauge wellbeing and uncover needs and insights all year long

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Evidence-based AI coaching creates a truly tailored experience that feels – and works – better

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A customized resource hub simplifies the route to resources, integrating your benefits with local community resources

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Social challenges go beyond steps, creating an inclusive culture of wellbeing across a wide array of topics to keep things fresh

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Modern incentives inspire engagement and build on intrinsic motivations and shared purpose

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Inspiring events foster a supportive community, and bring things to life

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Live coaching gets to the heart of the matter, when it comes to lowering health costs while raising the bar on engagement and experience

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Powerful insights go beyond the basics to enable you to uncover needs, gauge progress, and guide smarter program design decisions, all year long

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Exceptional support ensures you and your team succeed – and your people have the best possible experience

Lasting change starts with ‘why’

When your program begins with what matters most to participants, it inspires more authentic engagement, and more enduring results. We help you deliver a wellbeing experience that’s more than just personalized – it’s actually personal. Over 1,000 peer reviewed studies and growing confirm it. By starting with purpose you unlock the most powerful health factor missed by most programs.

Engage hearts, not clicks

When your workforce is supported and powered by purpose, you get their authentic best-selves showing up without the over-dependence on costly financial incentives. Let Kumanu’s experienced team show you the roadmap to better use of budget, when it comes to incentive design.

Help your employees when life gets in the way

By assessing essential needs (Social Determinants of Health) and connecting employees in need to vetted local and other organizational resources, we help them get the support they need to remove the barriers preventing them from bringing their best to work.

Deliver a connected experience

We help you connect initiatives and programs with less cost, making it easier for your team and creating a more holistic wellbeing experience for your people.

Gain powerful insights

We help you connect initiatives and programs with less cost, making it easier for your team and creating a more holistic wellbeing experience for your people.
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Ready to see Purposeful in action?

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