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We’re different by design.

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We drive real results.

Kumanu is leading the third wave in workforce wellbeing. We help organizations build supportive, purpose-driven cultures where people are engaged, stay, and thrive. By helping individuals focus on their “why”—their core purpose and values—and overcome life barriers, we drive significant change at a lower cost.

Improved Engagement

0 %

Reduced Risk of Depression

0 %

Reduction in Turnover

0 %

Reduced Risk of Burnout

0 %

Reduced Risk of Anxiety

0 %

Healthcare Savings

1- 2 %

Results based on Kumanu book of business analysis of individuals with elevated baseline risk. Turnover finding based on 2024 Kumanu client case study. Healthcare savings based on typical results from MOBE, our coaching partner.

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We put purpose at the core.

Supported by over 1,000 studies, having a strong sense of purpose improves job satisfaction, sleep quality, resilience to stress, and overall health. It enhances immune function, fosters openness to diversity, and reduces the risks of depression, burnout, and chronic diseases. We help individuals find a greater sense of purpose to create a thriving, resilient workforce.

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We love our clients.

And the feeling is mutual. We treat our clients as partners. They treat us as an extension of their team. Find out what it feels like to pursue purpose together, with Kumanu.

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We get to the root.

With research at our core, Kumanu has developed a comprehensive approach that addresses the personal, organizational, and social determinants of health. By identifying and addressing these key drivers, we help employees become more engaged, energized, and emotionally well—producing more sustainable change without overdependence on costly incentives.

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We bring it all together (easily).

Custom is our standard. We deliver a better employee experience with greater value to all of your People Experience stakeholders (Wellbeing, Benefits, L&D, Talent Retention, DE&I, and ESG)—with fewer headaches and broader results. We integrate all your programs and initiatives, along with community-based resources, into a single unified experience tailored to each person’s priorities, roles, goals, and purpose.

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We deliver transformational insights.

Sound strategy and investment decisions start with the right data. Our unique data collection and machine learning provide insights that drive ongoing improvements and innovation in strategy, programs, and culture.

Ready to see the difference Kumanu can make for your organization?

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