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Register — PurposeCast: The Dynamics of Purpose as We Change and Grow

We know that people with a strong life purpose have more satisfying, healthier, and even longer lives. But how do we maintain that sense of purpose throughout our lives? Join us for this PurposeCast, where Vic Strecher will talk with author and health and wellness movement-builder, Laura Putnam and her mother, Betsy Warriner, to explore the value of evolving our purpose as we change and grow.

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September Newsletter — What was life like before COVID?

Fall is here and so is a new vaccine mandate. But some things stay the same: confusing guidance from the CDC, stop-start-stop return to work strategies, and an exhausted workforce is resigning at record numbers. Organizations committed to their people’s wellbeing today will weather these and future storms.

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One Question to Ask Employees to Improve Retention

Employees are leaving organizations at record numbers for a variety of reasons: shifting priorities, a desire for more flexibility, and a renewed commitment to their own wellbeing. Fortunately, one simple question can help organizations retain their people.

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Watch — Ready to reconnect with others? Lessons from the Olympics.

Dr. Jenny Susser is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, sport & performance psychologist, and author. She is a member of the US Olympic Registry for Sport Psychologists and has worked with individual athletes in multiple Olympic Games, propelling several to the podium. Dr. Jenny has delivered performance training to teams and individuals in Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Target, Nike, Hewlett Packard, Nationwide, and eBay.

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August Newsletter — Return to work? Not so fast.

Today, employers face the daunting task of adjusting return-to-office plans amid inconsistent COVID guidance from federal and local agencies as the Delta variant rips through communities like tornadoes. With top-performing employees and athletes alike putting their social and emotional wellbeing ahead of everything else, is your organization addressing these issues head on?

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Purposeful Experience Enhanced to Fill Growing Gaps in Employee Wellbeing

“The last 17 months accelerated ‘future of work’ talk in leadership meetings and boardrooms around the world. What we see now is a movement to re-center employee experiences on purpose, belonging, and authenticity — root causes of social and emotional wellbeing,” said Vic Strecher, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Kumanu, and a world-renowned expert in the science of purpose and behavior change at scale. “Turning left for wellness and right for behavioral health while ignoring a purposeful culture is a flawed model. Let’s pull things together, starting with employees’ why — the motivations they care about most — and build it into each workday.”

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How Closely Are You Thinking About These 3 Ways To Recruit and Retain Talent?

Every time an economically seismic event happens, the recovery phase is accompanied by change and adapting to that change. This time around, employees everywhere are evaluating their current situation and feel empowered to ask for more from their employer… or else they’ll find a new one that will provide them with what they need. And it’s incumbent on organizations to understand the “great resignation” isn’t just about work flexibility — the root cause is much deeper.

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Dr. Carr's Corner

Return to work with mental wellbeing in mind

Mental health disorders are among the most complex health concerns for businesses and have only worsened during the extraordinary challenges of the last 18 months. Employees at all levels have experienced moments of anxiety, emotional ups and downs, exhaustion, and witnessed friends and colleagues struggle with mental wellbeing. And while the pandemic continues to be a significant challenge, amid its volatility and uncertainty lie hidden opportunities for learning, reinvention, and adaptation.

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chart of vaccine hesitancy versus purpose in life shows the the more purpose one has in life the more willing they are to get a vaccine

Vaccine Hesitancy — How Employers Can Influence Acceptance

Kumanu Founder and CEO Vic Strecher, Ph.D., MPH, Patrick L Hill, and Anthony Burrow recently published a research paper Sense of purpose in life predicts greater willingness for COVID-19 vaccination. A summary of the findings and practical steps employers can take to improve vaccine hesitancy is discussed below. With a strong purpose, one’s mindset can shift toward an interest in protecting yourself — not just for you — but to be able to remain purposeful every day.

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