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Purposeful Previewed at the SVEF’s Bay Area Global Benefits Conference

“Finding purpose can be a daunting task for many. We designed Purposeful to dramatically simplify the process, and to connect purpose to daily actions by catalyzing behavior change with intrinsic motivation. It’s scalable, sustainable, and leverages AI and machine learning in unique ways to create a highly personal experience.” -Dr. Vic Strecher

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Why Purpose Matters and How it Works

In this webinar, featuring world-renowned leader in the field of purpose-driven behavior change Vic Strecher, PhD, you will learn the latest developments in the groundbreaking field of purpose science and take away some simple steps to help you and your organization unlock the power of purpose.

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an ice berg floats with the very top of it above the surface

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is often compared to an iceberg. There are parts visible above the surface, like ethnicity and physical disability, but then there’s much more beneath the surface: cultural background, economic status, educational history, and more.

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nails and a hammer on a wooden deck

Measuring Performance According to Goodhart

You might have noticed it in your own workplace. Someone higher up the ladder introduces a new performance measure and immediately, everyone prioritizes that measure – often with unintended and at times bizarre consequences. A classic anecdote of this in action involves a nail factory in the former Soviet Union.

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ann arbor cityscape at night

Tech Tribune’s List of Best Startups in Ann Arbor

The Tech Tribune recently recognized Kumanu as one of the best startups in Ann Arbor. World-class talent and investors ready to stimulate growth has put Ann Arbor on the map as a major tech hub. We are thrilled to be recognized alongside other startups leading the charge.

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finding energy with kumanu

Defining Work-Life Balance: Its History and Future

Defining work-life balance today is a complicated endeavor. The modern workforce is faced with a new set of rules, advanced technology, and a digital existence that is increasingly blurring the lines that define where work ends, and life begins. To look forward, let’s start at the beginning.

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people in motion at an office

The Financial Benefits of Purpose-Driven Companies

Purpose-driven companies have one thing in common, according to organizational consultant and thought leader Simon Sinek. “If you go to work in a purpose-driven organization, you are a happier person … and you will go home happier.” But what, exactly, is a purpose-driven company? Is it as simple as it sounds?

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teen looking at their smartphone

How WellCare of Kentucky and Kumanu are Improving Lives

Each year, as many as 20,000 young people “age out” of the foster care system, many without strong family relationships or community connections to help them navigate their lives ahead. 25 percent of aged-out foster youth experience homelessness in their first four years on their own.

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