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Watch — Purpose and Managing Emotions

During a recent lively discussion during our “Mental Health Month is Over. Now What?” webinar, Award-winning Professor of Psychology and Best-Selling Author Ethan Kross and Dr. Strecher dove into one of the most difficult yet important issues we’re facing personally, and in our organizations today: namely, how to keep our heads on straight during difficult times.

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PurposeCast Shelton Johnson

Watch — PurposeCast: Finding Your Story Through Nature

In this month’s PurposeCast, Finding Your Story Through Nature, U.S. National Park Service Ranger Shelton Johnson and Dr. Strecher will discuss Johnson’s inspirational story of purpose and how you can discover your own story through nature – and help others do the same. They discuss the relationship we have to nature and how it can inspire us to live more purposefully, and why people who spend more time in nature report they are happier, less stressed, have healthier hearts, and live more purposeful lives.

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dr carr's corner

Managing burnout — Part 2: Social Determinants

In today’s blog, Part 2 of this Burnout series, Dr Carr shares insights into how Social Determinants of Health impact our ability to regulate burnout and what role employers should play in helping their people overcome SDOH obstacles. Part 1 of this series covered what we call the Personal Determinants of Health. The last in the three part series will cover Organizational Determinants of Health.

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bostock quote

Watch — PurposeCast: Resting with Intention

In this month’s PurposeCast, Rest with Intention, Dr. Sophie Bostock and Dr. Vic Strecher discuss how you can approach sleep more mindfully to improve your health and performance. Dr. Bostock has researched the science of sleep intensely, and is passionate about sharing information that will help people experience the benefits of quality rest. According to Dr. Bostock, sleep is a marker and predictor of health and wellbeing.

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Let’s get together this event season?

The team at Kumanu is getting ready to hit the road, shake off our COVID-driven social awkwardness, meet new friends, and see old ones at a flurry of events taking place over the next few months. It kicks off in Vegas next week at HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference. See something in our list below that you like but can’t make the event? Please let us know, and we’ll be happy to share our most up-to-date research.

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Watch — PurposeCast: Move with Purpose and Motivation

Knowing the purpose, or why, behind your physical activity routine can drastically change your level of enjoyment and commitment. Dr. Michelle Segar, director of the University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center explains that lasting motivation depends on choosing a physical activity for the “Right Whys.”

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dr carr's corner

Managing burnout — Part 1: Personal Determinants

In today’s blog, Part 1 of this Burnout series, I will share some tips that are in your control to manage — that you can do personally to improve your risk for burnout. In subsequent blogs, I will explore the broader Social and Organizational Determinants of Burnout and share some evidence-based tips for leaders and organizations.

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band playing to an audience

3 Ways to Re-establish Human Connection in the Workplace

We’ve become adept at meeting in the meta, sending out little upraised thumbs, and keeping our bunny-slippered feet under the desk during big meetings. We know who hangs art on their walls. Who takes care of plants. Who has cats. Who has barking dogs. These are signs of our resilience. Then again, we’re missing the human connection. While many companies still don’t have an option to be in-person yet, there are ways to nurture the soul of an organization to improve esprit de corps.

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purpose cast with john u bacon

Watch — PurposeCast: Discover the Purpose Behind Your Goals and Reduce Burnout

In this month’s PurposeCast, Dr. Vic Strecher and John U. Bacon will discuss how to set meaningful, specific goals to bolster achievement and reduce burnout. Bacon is a New York Times bestselling author, journalist and educator bringing passion to the topics of business, sports and health. Listen in as he and Dr. Strecher provide strategies to help you create and accomplish more purposeful goals.

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January Newsletter — How real is burnout?

A recent survey by the Conference Board found that 77% of U.S. workers cited burnout as their biggest challenge. And with no playbook to follow, leaders are looking for ways to address the symptoms of burnout. But what are you doing to address the root causes?

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happy holidays from kumanu

December Newsletter — Looking Forward

2021 was definitely not boring. And as we prepare to say goodbye to another year and welcome a brand new one, we have some content this month that can help you address both areas of need. A new PurposeCase about finding joy. A post about how to rethink benefits in 2022. And a sneak peak into our latest research.

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a group of benefits leaders at an organizations going over material to explore new benefits

3 Ways Benefits Leaders Can Rethink Employee Wellbeing

What do you and your employees consider first when it’s time to consider benefits? Health insurance, childcare, perhaps continuing education credit? Why not wellbeing? You’d think two years into a pandemic, employee wellbeing would top the list and be at the forefront of benefits leaders’ minds

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