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Measuring Performance According to Goodhart

You might have noticed it in your own workplace. Someone higher up the ladder introduces a new performance measure and immediately, everyone prioritizes that measure – often with unintended and at times bizarre consequences. A classic anecdote of this in action involves a nail factory in the former Soviet Union.

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Defining Work-Life Balance: Its History and Future

Defining work-life balance today is a complicated endeavor. The modern workforce is faced with a new set of rules, advanced technology, and a digital existence that is increasingly blurring the lines that define where work ends, and life begins. To look forward, let’s start at the beginning.

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The Financial Benefits of Purpose-Driven Companies

Purpose-driven companies have one thing in common, according to organizational consultant and thought leader Simon Sinek. “If you go to work in a purpose-driven organization, you are a happier person … and you will go home happier.” But what, exactly, is a purpose-driven company? Is it as simple as it sounds?

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