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data points for purpose and retention

Research Minute – Retain talent with Purpose

How can you close those gaps and make your organization a place people want to stay? Start by re-centering your approach around the new wellbeing drivers: meaning, purpose, connection, authenticity, inclusion, and growth. Employees who report their employer supports their personal purpose are 3.5 times as likely to have a strong sense of dignity at work — and as a result, they are 2.3 times more likely to stick around / not leave for greener pastures.

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Watch — Employee needs have changed. Has your wellbeing strategy?

The cracks were there; events of the past year widened them. Today, 2 in 3 employees struggle with anxiety, 1 in 3 face food insecurity, 4 in 10 lack purpose at work, 1 in 4 plan to leave. And 2 in 3 leaders report programs today fall short. Wellbeing is changing. For good. Join us to learn how to offer more of what employees expect today: authenticity, equity, and programs centered on social and emotional wellbeing. See new research and real-world results from diverse settings.

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Listen — Taming Your Inner Voice: Transforming the Critic Into Your Strongest Guide

Do you talk to yourself? The voice in our heads can add richness to our lives, create meaning out of our experiences, and help us to solve problems. Few could imagine a life without it. Yet this voice can turn from companion to critic when it bombards us with incessant negative self-talk or “chatter”. Giving in to chatter can be debilitating for our moods, health, work, and relationships. But what if there was a way to control it?

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Watch – Energize Your Life: How to Boost and Better Manage Your Energy

In this PurposeCast Dr. Vic Strecher explores personal energy management with Dr. Jim Loehr: world-renowned performance psychologist, author, and coach. Dr. Loehr has written over 17 books including the national best-seller The Power of Full Engagement. Co-founder of the Human Performance Institute, he has helped hundreds of top performers in sports, business, and medicine. In this conversation, you’ll learn why Dr. Loehr says “The ultimate measure of our lives is not how much time we spend on the planet, but rather how much energy we invest in the time that we have.”

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Register – WELCOA Idea Collective Event: Workplace Resilience

Workplace Resilience takes center stage in Q1 of WELCOA’s Idea Collective series, and they’ve asked Kumanu Founder and CEO Vic Strecher, PhD, MPH, to share his expertise during week 3 of the series. Dr. Strecher will share his insights on how to use data-driven solutions to help employees take charge of overall wellbeing and improve resilience. Later in the week, Dr. Strecher join Stuart Chittendon, Founder of Squishtalks & host of the podcast Lives, for a Fireside chat to dive deeper into the topic.

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Watch – Bouncing Back: Embracing Tiny Habits that Strengthen Resilience

Key to your wellbeing is resilience – the inner strength and ability to bounce back from adversity – often stronger than before. Those who lead resilient lives maintain a set of habits that help them meet life’s challenges, stay focused on what matters most, and enjoy more fulfilling and healthier lives. We often know what changes we seek but, what keeps us from achieving greater resilience and emotional wellbeing in our own lives?

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