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On Purpose

a woman empowers purpose in her team during a meeitng

Authenticity: How Purpose Helps Leaders Lead

Empowering purpose means encouraging your employees to identify their own purpose and values. It also means giving them the support, both personally and professionally. Simply telling employees that they need to have a purpose does not work; as a Purposeful Leader, you must empower and inspire them to seek out their purpose for themselves.

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image showing young professionals working together in an agile project management framework

Purposefully Scaling Agile in Your Organization

How can business leaders cope with uncertainty? It takes visionary leadership, rapid response to change, flexibility, versatility, and resilience – in other words, it’s not easy. However, integrating agile project management frameworks across departments can give your organization an edge in today’s dynamic business conditions.

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woman taking a break from a business meeting to play her trumpet

Physical and Emotional Wellbeing at Work

Every year, more employers are recognizing the importance of offering an employee wellbeing program. In fact, a report from the National Business Group on Health from 2018 discovered the average amount spent on employee incentives for these types of programs have increased to $784 per employee (a 50% jump since 2013), and 67% of employers plan to expand their wellbeing solutions over the next three to five years.

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