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On Purpose

a group of benefits leaders at an organizations going over material to explore new benefits

3 Ways Benefits Leaders Can Rethink Employee Wellbeing

What do you and your employees consider first when it’s time to consider benefits? Health insurance, childcare, perhaps continuing education credit? Why not wellbeing? You’d think two years into a pandemic, employee wellbeing would top the list and be at the forefront of benefits leaders’ minds

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Dr. Carr's Corner

Purposeful Leadership Through a Challenging Season

Dr. Carr is back with another Dr. Carr’s Corner. This month, he tackles the loneliness and isolation that the holiday season brings. For many people, this year’s holidays might be even more difficult to navigate. How can leaders and organizations help? Find out in this month’s edition.

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chart of vaccine hesitancy versus purpose in life shows the the more purpose one has in life the more willing they are to get a vaccine

Vaccine Hesitancy — How Employers Can Influence Acceptance

Kumanu Founder and CEO Vic Strecher, Ph.D., MPH, Patrick L Hill, and Anthony Burrow recently published a research paper Sense of purpose in life predicts greater willingness for COVID-19 vaccination. A summary of the findings and practical steps employers can take to improve vaccine hesitancy is discussed below. With a strong purpose, one’s mindset can shift toward an interest in protecting yourself — not just for you — but to be able to remain purposeful every day.

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