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Purpose and the Future of Work Livestream Series — Work Just Got Purposeful

Join us on Thursday, June 25th at 12:00pm Eastern for our latest Livestream: Work Just Got Personal

Our world is at a turning point, and your people are pulling through for you every day during complicated times. External events can exact a physical and emotional toll on them, their family, and their work.

Our next Livestream Event, Work Just Got Purposeful, offers purposeful steps to take—and the science behind them—to help your people find more meaning, foster more inclusion, and create greater engagement in work, and in life.

In this lively discussion, Kumanu’s founder Dr. Vic Strecher will interview Steve Escaravage, Senior Vice President and Strategic Innovation Group Leader at Booz Allen Hamilton to reveal practical answers steeped in real-world data collected since the pandemic began. You will:

  • See AI-driven “weather maps” of aggregate employee sentiments, and how leadership moves impact these
  • Learn practical ways to increase resilience, empathy, inclusion and authenticity via purpose activation
  • Gain new data-driven insights into employee engagement drivers against the backdrop of current events
  • Participate in real-time polling to see how your experience compares to that of your peers

Space is limited — reserve your spot today at this dynamic Livestream event. And be sure to come with your own questions! We will field them and stay as long as needed to answer them all.

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Vic Strecher

Vic Strecher, PhD, MPH

CEO and Chief Purpose Officer, Kumanu

Vic Strecher (PhD, MPH) is a leader and visionary in the fields of purpose and wellbeing, creating new solutions that operate at the intersection of the science of behavior change and advanced technology. In 1998, Vic created Health Media pioneering Web-based “digital health coaching.” Since January 2014, Vic has given keynote presentations about the role of purpose in life, energy, and willpower to over 1,500 organizations, providing him the opportunity to not only respond to the growing interests of the market, but to also continue to help shape it. In late 2015, Kumanu (formerly JOOL Health) was launched as a major paradigm shift in how individuals engage in the pursuit of purpose, meaning and wellbeing while offering organizations a more insightful means to support positive culture and behavior change.

steve escaravage

Steve Escaravage

Senior Vice President, Strategic Innovation Group Leader, Booz Allen Hamilton

Steven Escaravage leads Booz Allen’s Analytics practice and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services business, serving clients across the defense, civil, and intelligence sectors. As a leader in the Firm’s Strategic Innovation Group, Steve also leads the Firm’s investments in data science, machine learning, and AI. Areas of focus include machine learning operations, cognitive automation, and high performance computing. He holds an M.S. in operations research from George Mason University and a B.A. in mathematics from Rutgers University.

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