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Wellbeing 3.0 Webinar - Purposeful Demo: Reduce Incentive Dependence and Spark Behavior Change with Purpose

How can you reduce (or eliminate) incentives for your employee wellbeing strategy without sacrificing engagement? 

Watch our demo of our unique, 3rd generation wellbeing platform, Purposeful. See how to engage your employees in their wellbeing by centering on what matters most to them.

In this live demo, we will show you how your organization can:

  • Tap into each employee’s intrinsic motivation  
  • Reduce incentive dependence (and budget) without sacrificing engagement
  • Spark enduring behavior change by blending big purpose with small steps


Eric Zimmerman, MPH, MBA

Chief Innovation & Commercialization Officer

Eric Zimmerman brings global experience in design, launch, and commercialization of breakthrough digital health solutions focused on population health, connectivity, community, and collaboration. Before joining Kumanu, Eric led strategic marketing, product management, business development, and behavior design as Chief Marketing Officer at RedBrick Health. He previously held leadership roles at RelayHealth, Mirixa, Medscape and StayWell. Eric earned his B.A. in Ecology Behavior and Evolution at UCSD’s Revelle College, his MPH in Behavior Science and Health Education from UCLA, and his MBA from Pepperdine University.

Tim Pituch

Director of Product

Tim has been with Kumanu since its founding in 2015. He has a Masters in Health Informatics, which brings together the fields of public health and information science. Tim has a passion for behavior change, problem solving, and creating transformative experiences through technology. He is a proud father and husband, and wants to help create a kinder, healthier and more caring world for them to live in. 

Want to learn more about our Purpose-centered Wellbeing Platform?

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