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"What was life like before COVID?"

Once upon a time, many of us believed that one day in the distant future, our children or our children’s children would ask us what life was like during the COVID pandemic. As we start to accept that any sense of normalcy might be history, it’s also starting to feel like our children or our children’s children might instead ask us “what was life like before COVID?”

The same can be said for large and small businesses, higher education, and any organization that relies on people working toward a shared purpose. While COVID’s disruption of the physical world has constrained economic growth, its impact on people’s emotional wellbeing is creating major problems for organizations in the forms of record-breaking resignations, explosive politics, and strains on human connection & collaboration. 

How can organizations keep their people thriving as we navigate our shared future? The answers must be rooted in foundational wellbeing, belonging, and authenticity for organizations to be nimble enough to flow from where we are today to where we’re going tomorrow.

Where to start? Center your organization around a shared commitment to help people bring their whole selves to their whole lives. 

What's New at Kumanu?

Watch — Purpose and Managing Emotions

During a recent lively discussion during our “Mental Health Month is Over. Now What?” webinar, Award-winning Professor of Psychology and Best-Selling Author Ethan Kross and Dr. Strecher dove into one of the most difficult yet important issues we’re facing personally, and in our organizations today: namely, how to keep our heads on straight during difficult times.

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PurposeCast Shelton Johnson

Watch — PurposeCast: Finding Your Story Through Nature

In this month’s PurposeCast, Finding Your Story Through Nature, U.S. National Park Service Ranger Shelton Johnson and Dr. Strecher will discuss Johnson’s inspirational story of purpose and how you can discover your own story through nature – and help others do the same. They discuss the relationship we have to nature and how it can inspire us to live more purposefully, and why people who spend more time in nature report they are happier, less stressed, have healthier hearts, and live more purposeful lives.

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dr carr's corner

Managing burnout — Part 2: Social Determinants

In today’s blog, Part 2 of this Burnout series, Dr Carr shares insights into how Social Determinants of Health impact our ability to regulate burnout and what role employers should play in helping their people overcome SDOH obstacles. Part 1 of this series covered what we call the Personal Determinants of Health. The last in the three part series will cover Organizational Determinants of Health.

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bostock quote

Watch — PurposeCast: Resting with Intention

In this month’s PurposeCast, Rest with Intention, Dr. Sophie Bostock and Dr. Vic Strecher discuss how you can approach sleep more mindfully to improve your health and performance. Dr. Bostock has researched the science of sleep intensely, and is passionate about sharing information that will help people experience the benefits of quality rest. According to Dr. Bostock, sleep is a marker and predictor of health and wellbeing.

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Let’s get together this event season?

The team at Kumanu is getting ready to hit the road, shake off our COVID-driven social awkwardness, meet new friends, and see old ones at a flurry of events taking place over the next few months. It kicks off in Vegas next week at HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference. See something in our list below that you like but can’t make the event? Please let us know, and we’ll be happy to share our most up-to-date research.

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purposecast title

Watch — PurposeCast: Move with Purpose and Motivation

Knowing the purpose, or why, behind your physical activity routine can drastically change your level of enjoyment and commitment. Dr. Michelle Segar, director of the University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center explains that lasting motivation depends on choosing a physical activity for the “Right Whys.”

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new wellbeing model

Getting to the root of emotional wellbeing at work.

Thought leaders and researchers at Kumanu, analyzing a nationally representative sample of U.S. workers gathered by The Harris Poll, developed a new model for employee wellbeing better aligned to the root causes of workforce wellbeing today.

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Employee needs have changed. Has your wellbeing strategy?

Wellbeing is changing. For good. Join us to learn how to offer more of what employees expect today: authenticity, equity, and experiences centered on social and emotional wellbeing.

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Purposeful Overview

The Purposeful Experience delivers more than a point solution and goes deeper than an app. Our team of wellbeing, communication, and program design experts support you every step of the way, creating a solution that is highly configurable, provides real-time insights on metrics that matter most, and integrates into your culture.

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Resourceful Overview

A first-of-its-kind solution to recognize, activate, and measure essential needs, Resourceful works with your existing programs to recognize and activate your people to their fullest potential.

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