Watch — PurposeCast: Growing Up With Purpose

Purposecast Nakeia Homer Grow Up With Purpose

Sometimes our family can serve as a supportive, positive example of what we want to be when we grow up. And other times, our family may teach us challenging lessons about what we don’t want. Reflecting on this journey is an important step as we continue to evolve and grow. In this PurposeCast, Dr. Vic Strecher and author and self-healing guide Nakeia Homer will discuss ways you can honor your past, refine your purpose, and take responsibility for the life you want to live.

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Watch — PurposeCast: Learning from Grief and Loss

PurposeCast Mary-Frances O'Conner

Experiencing loss is part of life, and sometimes we can make meaning of our losses and live more purposefully. In this PurposeCast, Dr. Vic Strecher and grief expert and neuroscientist Dr. Mary-Frances O’Connor discuss grief, grieving, and ground-breaking research on how your brain learns to adapt after loss so you can build resiliency to support yourself and others during difficult times.

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Watch — Purpose and Managing Emotions

During a recent lively discussion during our “Mental Health Month is Over. Now What?” webinar, Award-winning Professor of Psychology and Best-Selling Author Ethan Kross and Dr. Strecher dove into one of the most difficult yet important issues we’re facing personally, and in our organizations today: namely, how to keep our heads on straight during difficult times.

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Watch — PurposeCast: Finding Your Story Through Nature

PurposeCast Shelton Johnson

In this month’s PurposeCast, Finding Your Story Through Nature, U.S. National Park Service Ranger Shelton Johnson and Dr. Strecher will discuss Johnson’s inspirational story of purpose and how you can discover your own story through nature – and help others do the same. They discuss the relationship we have to nature and how it can inspire us to live more purposefully, and why people who spend more time in nature report they are happier, less stressed, have healthier hearts, and live more purposeful lives.

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Watch — PurposeCast: Resting with Intention

bostock quote

In this month’s PurposeCast, Rest with Intention, Dr. Sophie Bostock and Dr. Vic Strecher discuss how you can approach sleep more mindfully to improve your health and performance. Dr. Bostock has researched the science of sleep intensely, and is passionate about sharing information that will help people experience the benefits of quality rest. According to Dr. Bostock, sleep is a marker and predictor of health and wellbeing.

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Watch — PurposeCast: Move with Purpose and Motivation

purposecast title

Knowing the purpose, or why, behind your physical activity routine can drastically change your level of enjoyment and commitment. Dr. Michelle Segar, director of the University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center explains that lasting motivation depends on choosing a physical activity for the “Right Whys.”

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Watch — PurposeCast: Discover the Purpose Behind Your Goals and Reduce Burnout

purpose cast with john u bacon

In this month’s PurposeCast, Dr. Vic Strecher and John U. Bacon will discuss how to set meaningful, specific goals to bolster achievement and reduce burnout. Bacon is a New York Times bestselling author, journalist and educator bringing passion to the topics of business, sports and health. Listen in as he and Dr. Strecher provide strategies to help you create and accomplish more purposeful goals.

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Watch — PurposeCast: How to Grow Your Capacity for Joy In All Areas of Your Life

rick sheridan quote

We can all find ways to bring more joy into our lives! In this month’s PurposeCast, Dr. Vic Strecher and Rich Sheridan discuss the benefits of joy and how to cultivate it in your life and work each day. Rich Sheridan has been delivering inspiring keynotes about the business value of joy worldwide for more than a decade. Listen in as he and Dr. Strecher provide valuable, actionable insights to help you create an environment that promotes joy

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