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Kumanu Launches AI Coach to Elevate Whole Person Wellbeing

ANN ARBOR, MI — May 30, 2024 — Kumanu, the leading purpose-inspired wellbeing company, announces the launch of the latest version of its flagship platform, Purposeful, featuring AI Coach. AI Coach incorporates evidence-based principles of behavior change to deliver an engaging and impactful digital health coaching experience. It fortifies intrinsic motivation, driving more authentic and sustained change, while lowering overall costs for employers and reducing reliance on traditional incentive models.

Dr. Vic Strecher, CEO and Founder of Kumanu, said, “The addition of AI Coach to Purposeful marks a milestone in digital health coaching. Now organizations can provide personalized, science-based support to a broader audience, boosting sense of purpose and positive health behavior change, at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.”

Dr. Strecher’s pioneering work in science-backed digital coaching dates back three decades. His recent work centers on the role of purpose in health and its impact in supporting sustained behavior change. This body of scientific work forms the evidence foundation for Purposeful, and the new AI Coach.

AI Coach leverages motivational interviewing, self-determination theory, and other modern behavior change techniques to deliver more empathetic and tailored support via brief daily check-ins. It integrates emotional, mental, financial, social, and physical wellbeing to deliver whole person support in one integrated experience, reducing the need for multiple point solutions.

Kumanu designed AI Coach to ensure that all user personal data remains private and secure. The feature is entirely opt-in, at the organizational and individual user levels, ensuring user comfort and control.

AI Coach represents a transformational addition to Purposeful, and to the landscape of workforce wellbeing platforms, by offering scalable and confidential support that aligns with the evolving needs and expectations of the modern workforce.

A 2023 company study found that Purposeful helped 48% of at-risk users boost their sense of purpose. Over half reported improved work engagement, and 73% experienced fewer depressive symptoms. By adding generative AI trained in robust behavioral science, AI Coach fortifies Purposeful to advance Kumanu’s ability to help client organizations foster a healthier, more future-ready workforce while lowering overall health and wellbeing costs.

For more information about Purposeful, visit Kumanu’s website,


Brian McCormick
Director of Growth, Kumanu
Phone: (734) 822-6662

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