How to Unlock the Power of Intrinsic Motivation

motivation in the workplace

In the workplace, financial and non-financial motivators are used to drive engagement and performance. but motivation is highly personal and differs for each employee. In this blog, we discuss types of motivation tactics used to get the best results out of each of your people for greater engagement and performance.

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Diversity in the Workplace

an ice berg floats with the very top of it above the surface

Diversity is often compared to an iceberg. There are parts visible above the surface, like ethnicity and physical disability, but then there’s much more beneath the surface: cultural background, economic status, educational history, and more.

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Measuring Performance According to Goodhart

nails and a hammer on a wooden deck

You might have noticed it in your own workplace. Someone higher up the ladder introduces a new performance measure and immediately, everyone prioritizes that measure – often with unintended and at times bizarre consequences. A classic anecdote of this in action involves a nail factory in the former Soviet Union.

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Measuring Employee Engagement

an engaged employee

After examining the ways 12 different companies are measuring employee engagement, one thing is clear: the traditional methods of measuring engagement are ineffective in the modern workplace. Employers come up short in two key areas, and this blog provides practical solutions to solve these problems.

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