Watch — PurposeCast: Purpose 101

PurposeCast Quote -Amazing what can happen when you have wind in your sails, a rudder, and a harbor.

Purpose 101 is a mini course designed to give you a foundational understanding of purpose and how you can uncover and strengthen your purpose.

In this course, Dr. Vic Strecher helps you gain a deeper understanding of purpose, learn the science behind why it’s important, and discover ways to uncover your purpose.

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Watch – Wellbeing 3.0 Webinar – How Baystate Health is Transforming Workforce Wellbeing

wellbeing 3.0 logo cover

Watch this dynamic, 45-minute discussion between Baystate Health’s Jenna Bishop and Kumanu’s Dr. Bob Carr and Eric Zimmerman to learn strategies to help transform wellbeing in your organization.

Hear how Baystate Health — an organization with a history of award-winning employee wellbeing — is transforming its approach to better meet the moment.

Learn the new workforce wellbeing metrics tied to burnout, engagement, retention, and positive culture.

Get a sneak peek of what’s next for Baystate and other organizations leading the Wellbeing 3.0 movement.

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How to show up for your people so they show up for your business.

Vic Blog and Insights

Understanding employees motivations and their “Why” is the key first step toward showing up for them, and in turn, they will show up for you.

Dr. Strecher’s latest blog will help you uncover why asking your employees about their purpose is one way your organization can have employees who are 3x more likely to be fully engaged, 80% more likely to stay, and 45% less likely to to be burned out!

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Watch – Wellbeing 3.0 – Webinar Wellbeing Transformation Starts Here

wellbeing 3.0 logo cover

Watch this dynamic 45 minute discussion featuring Seth Serxner and Vic Strecher to learn about Wellbeing 3.0 and how it fits our “future of work” world. Hear the latest data linking proven wellbeing strategies to today’s most pressing employee experience and mental wellbeing metrics. And get 5 practical steps you can take this year to transform wellbeing in your organization.

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Watch — PurposeCast: Unlocking Greater Resilience

PurposeCast Quote - Let's think about the internal qualities, but also, let's talk about how people navigate to resources and how you get what you need in ways that make sense to you.

Join Dr. Vic Strecher and world-renowned resilience expert Dr. Michael Ungar as they discuss new approaches to defining and strengthening resilience. Every person on this planet encounters loss, stress, challenges, and fear. People who are more resilient bounce back from life’s adversities quicker and find ways to achieve fulfillment and joy more often. Science tells us that resilience isn’t a special trait you have or don’t have. It’s a skill anyone can learn that can be practiced and strengthened over time.

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Watch — PurposeCast: The Joy Choice

Michelle Segar - PurposeCast quote - We can find joy in even the smallest momentum toward our larger health goals.

Discover a new way to pursue your healthy lifestyle goals in this PurposeCast episode featuring Dr. Vic Strecher and Dr. Michelle Segar. Dr. Segar brings 30 years of behavioral research to help listeners discover how joy plays a foundational role in achieving goals related to diet, exercise, and more! Listen to the PurposeCast to find out how the tips in her recent book, “The Joy Choice” can benefit you.

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Watch — PurposeCast: The Power of Sharing

Sadie Vince Blog Post cover - Listening to another person's experience, asking questions about another person's experience, this kind of sharing helps us get closer with others and be more understanding and empathetic

During the season of giving and gratitude, we’re celebrating our wonderful Purposeful community with an episode dedicated to Sharing. Dr. Vic Strecher will explain the science behind the benefits of sharing with others, and lead you through some of his personal tips for living with greater purpose. Kumanu’s Live Events Producer Sadie Vince will share tips submitted by Purposeful community members like you.

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How to Combat the Human Energy Crisis in Your Workplace

dr carr's corner

Burnout, frustration, feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, helplessness, waking up tired — these are all symptoms of chronic stress related to life or work struggles. While we’ve all focused recently on energy costs ‘at the pump,’ it’s time to examine the true cost of our personal energy crisis. Catch up with Dr. Carr as he blends insights from Kumanu research with emerging frameworks and practical tips.

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