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Purposeful Leaders™ Now Available on PurposeCloud, Kumanu’s first-of-a-kind Purpose Activation Platform

Unique, scalable L&D offering helps organizations more authentically engage and bring out the best in their people, and build a culture connected in purpose.

Ann Arbor, MI, November 20, 2019 – Leadership behavior can make or break a talent strategy or culture transformation initiative. Yet formal and informal leaders frequently lack the tools to model change. Kumanu, The Purpose Company, today announced the launch of Purposeful Leaders – the latest addition to the company’s groundbreaking PurposeCloud Purpose Activation Platform and suite of services.

“We built Purposeful Leaders around a best practice framework that emphasizes modeling, empowering, and connecting people in purpose,” said Vic Strecher, chief executive officer at Kumanu. “It lays the groundwork for transformational talent and wellbeing initiatives. It also amplifies organizational purpose and values by connecting them to people’s intrinsic motivations and values.” 

“We launched our organizational transformation with a focus on our purpose and values. To deepen engagement further, we realized that we needed to help our employees connect to their own purpose,” said Steve Escaravage, a Booz Allen senior vice president and member of Kumanu’s board of directors. “Purposeful Leaders helps us build new skills and behaviors in measurable ways and empower our people to bring their authentic best selves to their work, and life.”

Purposeful Leaders uses a unique, scalable delivery model served in a micro-learning format via Kumanu’s Purposeful App. Purposeful blends expert, localized and user-generated content. It applies neuroscience and machine learning to help people identify their purpose and build their purpose “muscle” each day by inspiring daily intentional action. Organizations track trends and results via Kumanu’s Insightful Dashboard.

“As leaders in applying AI and machine learning to complex and high-consequence problems, we appreciate how Kumanu integrated AI to personalize, humanize, and enhance employee experience, at scale,” added Escaravage. 

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