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Wellbeing starts with why

A thriving workforce begins with purposeful people

Go above and beyond mindfulness and traditional wellness programs by helping your people create real, sustainable emotional wellbeing from the inside out by starting with their why – their purpose. Our neuroscience-based solution to employee emotional health produces proven results, improving: overall wellbeing, resilience, engagement, and positive emotional growth.


For your people

Purposeful by Kumanu is way more than an app – it’s an emotional wellbeing support system. Our multi-channel approach meets each person when and how they choose, helping them live more intentionally and purposefully each day, generating benefits like:

  • Sharper Focus
  • Stronger Resilience
  • Better Connection to What Matters Most
  • More Engagement at Work
  • Sounder Sleep
  • Alignment of Work and Life Purpose
  • Enduring Behavior Change
a collage of purposeful products like the mobile app, desktop app, and other collateral


For your organization

Insightful by Kumanu is an intuitive, online dashboard providing you with a real-time pulse on your employees’ emotional wellbeing, resilience, engagement with work and life, and other metrics customized for your organization. AI models surface real-time emotional patterns within your population, uncovering insights on how they impact the overall performance of your organization, helping you evaluate strategies and make data-driven program decisions. You can also send Pulse Surveys around specific initiatives to dive deeper.

  • Deploy Pulse Surveys to Gauge the Pulse of your Organization in Real Time
  • Actionable Data on Metrics that Matter Most
  • Customizable to Meet Unique Organizational Needs
insightful dahsboard


The results can be transformational — especially for emotional wellbeing

The evidence is overwhelming. Over 800 peer-reviewed studies show that people with purpose live more fulfilling lives and have more resilient minds and bodies — right down to their DNA. Less depression, better stress management, more openness to change & diversity, and sounder sleep are just a few of the tangible benefits. Plus, tapping into people’s deep sense of purpose sparks intrinsic motivation, reducing reliance on financial incentives and inspires thriving work cultures of engagement and high performance.
For your people

With over 800 peer-reviewed studies on the power of purpose it’s difficult to select a few, but here are some of our favorites:

For your organization

Some of the science behind how purpose can drive your organization forward:

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