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Meeting the Moment: How Health Systems are Cultivating Wellbeing for Healthcare Workers in the Face of Uncertainty

Disconnected. High stress and anxiety. Burned out. Feeling undervalued. Today’s workers are experiencing wellbeing challenges like never before — and the continuing uncertainty and return to work strategies have further complicated these challenges. While many employers recognize their wellbeing approaches aren’t meeting the moment to address the needs of their workforce, some health systems are finding ways to meet employee needs by:

– Building emotional wellbeing and better mental health
– Nurturing a supportive, inclusive, and authentic culture
– Attracting and retaining talent amid an historic resignation wave
– Keeping people healthy, safe, thriving, and connected to their company’s purpose.

In this interactive Livestream panel, you’ll have the chance to learn from your peers and join the discussion on what’s working today and how health systems are meeting the moment.

You’ll learn:
– What their organization is doing differently to meet the changing wellbeing needs of employees
– Lessons learned: what’s worked well (or not)
– Insights on focus areas going forward, and concrete ideas you can bring home to your organization

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