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Being Purposeful: Applying Yourself to What Matters Most

Dr. Strecher joined joined Lisa Cypers Kamen on her podcast Harvesting Happiness to discuss what it means to be Purposeful, and to engage in a discussion about the latest scientific research into the physical and emotional wellbeing benefits of living a Purposeful life. This episode was recorded at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Positive Business Conference.

Harvesting Happiness

● Dr. Strecher explains why people who live with purpose or are more purposeful live longer. [2:11]

● Is it impossible to be sustainably happy hedonically? [8:40]

● Dr. Strecher describes what it is like to ignite purpose in others. [15:52]

● Bringing love into the lives of college students and young people can reduce suicidal thoughts and help them flourish. [22:29]

● Considering your death can lead to living your best life every day. [29:56]

● How do you build more purpose-driven organizations? [35:29]

● Attaining work/life purpose through SPACE. [41:35]

● How volunteering during a gap year can add purpose to your life. [47:02]

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