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Back to the Future: What worked this year? How do we make next year better?

With the holidays on the horizon, a time of reflection is fast upon us. What worked well? How do we get better? Much of the content we created this month and have planned for next month focuses on answering these critical questions. Dr. Carr is back with another edition of Dr. Carr’s Corner that will help leaders be more aware of their team member’s emotional wellbeing states. As usual, he also had some tips and guidance to help you be a better leader. We have a couple of Livestream Events coming up that will be helpful for organizations to learn and share ideas of how we can improve our wellbeing strategies moving forward. Greg Braylock Jr, Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at ProMedica was this month’s PurposeCast guest, and he shared some wonderful insights to help us all ensure we’re creating an inclusive culture where belonging and openness are centered. 

Let’s get ready for 2022 starting today, with our October Newsletter.

What's New at Kumanu?

dr carr's corner

Managing burnout — Part 2: Social Determinants

In today’s blog, Part 2 of this Burnout series, Dr Carr shares insights into how Social Determinants of Health impact our ability to regulate burnout and what role employers should play in helping their people overcome SDOH obstacles. Part 1 of this series covered what we call the Personal Determinants of Health. The last in the three part series will cover Organizational Determinants of Health.

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Watch — PurposeCast: Rest with Intention

In this month’s PurposeCast, Rest with Intention, Dr. Sophie Bostock and Dr. Vic Strecher discuss how you can approach sleep more mindfully to improve your health and performance. Dr. Bostock has researched the science of sleep intensely, and is passionate about sharing information that will help people experience the benefits of quality rest. According to Dr. Bostock, sleep is a marker and predictor of health and wellbeing.

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Let’s get together this event season?

The team at Kumanu is getting ready to hit the road, shake off our COVID-driven social awkwardness, meet new friends, and see old ones at a flurry of events taking place over the next few months. It kicks off in Vegas next week at HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference. See something in our list below that you like but can’t make the event? Please let us know, and we’ll be happy to share our most up-to-date research.

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What are we sharing this week?

  • ‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours.
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  • Smartbrief: How well-being can help people get through hard times
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  • Inc: The Great Resignation Is Going to be a Shock — Hitting Some Industries Harder Than Others
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new wellbeing model

Getting to the root of emotional wellbeing at work.

Thought leaders and researchers at Kumanu, analyzing a nationally representative sample of U.S. workers gathered by The Harris Poll, developed a new model for employee wellbeing better aligned to the root causes of workforce wellbeing today.

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Employee needs have changed. Has your wellbeing strategy?

Wellbeing is changing. For good. Join us to learn how to offer more of what employees expect today: authenticity, equity, and experiences centered on social and emotional wellbeing.

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Purposeful Overview

The Purposeful Experience delivers more than a point solution and goes deeper than an app. Our team of wellbeing, communication, and program design experts support you every step of the way, creating a solution that is highly configurable, provides real-time insights on metrics that matter most, and integrates into your culture.

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Resourceful Overview

A first-of-its-kind solution to recognize, activate, and measure essential needs, Resourceful works with your existing programs to recognize and activate your people to their fullest potential.

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