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Why must there always be a problem? — George Costanza

Today, employers face the daunting task of adjusting return-to-office plans amid inconsistent COVID guidance from federal and local agencies as the Delta variant rips through communities like tornadoes. At the same time, vaccine hesitancy continues its stubborn and disruptive path, resignations are at an all-time high, and 2-in-3 companies report their wellbeing programs falling short. With top-performing employees and athletes alike putting their social and emotional wellbeing ahead of everything else, is your organization addressing these issues head-on?

Reality check: The answer isn’t simply remote work.

The future of work is one where a unified approach to wellbeing is paramount — one that addresses the root causes of authentic physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. Organizations falling behind now will not be able to catch up later.

What's New at Kumanu?

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Vic Strecher, PhD, Author of “Life on Purpose,” to Share Designs for “Wellbeing 3.0” at HERO Forum on September 22, 2022

Kumanu’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Vic Strecher, PhD, will be speaking at HERO Forum on September 22, 2022, in Amelia Island, Fla.

Strecher’s session, titled “Wellbeing 3.0: the Personal, Social, and Organizational Determinants of Health,” will help audience members conceptualize a new evidence-based framework that goes beyond the basics to address deeper root causes affecting workforce wellbeing today.

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As Wellbeing Takes Center Stage in Workforce Strategy, Kumanu Launches Capabilities to Combat Burnout and Cultivate Purpose​

Kumanu, the purpose-centered wellbeing company, today announced capabilities to help center workforce strategy on unaddressed factors driving engagement, retention, and better mental health.

The Business Group on Health’s 2023 Large Employer Survey reveals that most leaders now consider wellbeing integral to workforce strategy. Trending needs include Social Determinants of Health, mental health stigma, and rampant burnout.

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Purposecast Nakeia Homer Grow Up With Purpose

Watch — PurposeCast: Growing Up With Purpose

Sometimes our family can serve as a supportive, positive example of what we want to be when we grow up. And other times, our family may teach us challenging lessons about what we don’t want. Reflecting on this journey is an important step as we continue to evolve and grow. In this PurposeCast, Dr. Vic Strecher and author and self-healing guide Nakeia Homer will discuss ways you can honor your past, refine your purpose, and take responsibility for the life you want to live.

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new wellbeing model

Getting to the root of emotional wellbeing at work.

Thought leaders and researchers at Kumanu, analyzing a nationally representative sample of U.S. workers gathered by The Harris Poll, developed a new model for employee wellbeing better aligned to the root causes of workforce wellbeing today.

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Employee needs have changed. Has your wellbeing strategy?

Wellbeing is changing. For good. Join us to learn how to offer more of what employees expect today: authenticity, equity, and experiences centered on social and emotional wellbeing.

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Purposeful Overview

The Purposeful Experience delivers more than a point solution and goes deeper than an app. Our team of wellbeing, communication, and program design experts support you every step of the way, creating a solution that is highly configurable, provides real-time insights on metrics that matter most, and integrates into your culture.

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Resourceful Overview

A first-of-its-kind solution to recognize, activate, and measure essential needs, Resourceful works with your existing programs to recognize and activate your people to their fullest potential.

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