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Meet the moment. Reenergize your people.

A recent survey by the Conference Board found that 77% of U.S. workers cited burnout as their biggest challenge. And with no playbook to follow, leaders are looking for ways to address the symptoms of burnout. But what are you doing to address the root causes?

Our Burnout Prevention & Recovery Booster is tailor-made to help you combat burnout and elevate wellbeing in your workforce quickly and effectively – without a heavy lift on your part. If implemented in Q1 of 2022, The Burnout Recovery & Prevention Booster comprises everything you need to get started today and at a surprisingly affordable price:

  • The Purposeful Culture Index is a 5-10 item poll that is highly predictive of critical business imperatives like employee burnout and retention.
  • An immersive leadership workshop for up to 250 of your organization’s leaders on-board and aligned to start building a purposeful culture from the roots up, in an authentic way.
  • Address your people’s why with an engaging digital coaching experience that brings greater focus, intention, and purpose into each day. 
  • Supporting elements like a Better Practices Guide and Analytics/Reporting deploy quickly, accurately, and aligned with organizational imperatives.

Download the full details here:

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