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Kumanu Fills Growing Gaps in Employee Wellbeing, Workforce Culture, and Behavioral Health

Third-generation platform blends the latest research on Personal and Social Determinants, strengthens culture, and develops purposeful mindsets and habits.

Ann Arbor, Mich, August 10, 2021 — Kumanu, a root cause wellbeing company, announced today a leap forward in its flagship Purposeful Experience. Informed by today’s workforce realities and new organizational and behavioral science, the enhanced Purposeful Experience fills growing gaps in current wellbeing and behavioral health strategies.

While gaps in workforce wellbeing approaches aren’t new, they’ve grown considerably wider after 17 months of uncertainty. In a recent Willis Towers Watson survey of 494 employers, comprising 6.44 million workers, only 1 in 3 leaders surveyed reported their current wellbeing programs meet today’s changing employee needs. For answers, many are turning to new approaches, such as Kumanu’s Platform — a unique combination of culture, individual intervention, and workforce analytic tools.

“The last 17 months accelerated ‘future of work’ talk in leadership meetings and boardrooms around the world. What we see now is a movement to re-center employee experiences on purpose, belonging, and authenticity — root causes of social and emotional wellbeing,” said Vic Strecher, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Kumanu, and a world-renowned expert in the science of purpose and behavior change at scale. “Turning left for wellness and right for behavioral health while ignoring a purposeful culture is a flawed model. Let’s pull things together, starting with employees’ why — the motivations they care about most — and build it into each workday.”

The Purposeful Experience now features personalized check-ins that help employees track emotions, set purposeful intentions, and take simple suggested steps to change the trajectory of their day or carry positive momentum forward. It also includes new behavior change sprints called Quests. Steeped in the neuroscience of purpose, Quests help individuals reverse burnout, address anxiety, boost energy, and build authentic connections to people and purpose.

“We’re all different in how we learn, grow, and change, and organizations are no exception,” said Eric Zimmerman, Chief Innovation Officer at Kumanu. “Unlike traditional wellness programs or mindfulness apps, the Purposeful Experience blends brief pauses into busy lives, helps people show up with greater intention, and take small concrete steps to build up their ‘purpose muscle.’”

“The Purposeful Experience also creates a learning lab for leaders in modeling new ways to show up for their teams,” added Zimmerman.

The cumulative impact is an organizational culture better able to cope with change, innovate in the face of uncertainty, and retain and recruit top talent while reducing many behavioral health risks at their roots. Kumanu’s published book of business results includes a 60% reduction in burnout and a 54% increase in resilience among at-risk employees.

The enhanced Purposeful Experience rounds out the full suite of integrated intervention and analytic solutions. Kumanu provides forward-thinking organizations the tools to address the social and emotional needs of the workforce today.

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