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Powerful, real-time insights into the pulse of your workforce

Insightful helps you capture and analyze your people’s emotional wellbeing so you can stay on top of the key factors contributing to your workforce’s ability to be productive and resilient. 

Send pulse questions to your population and gain actionable insights you can get elsewhere like AI-supported sentiment analysis and trend lines real-time emotional wellbeing factors.

Commit resources in a more focused way, empower leaders to develop talent more authentically, and support a genuine dialogue between employer and employee.

insightful product fleet

Reporting you can't get elsewhere

best selves at work

Help your people be their best selves at work and life

sentiment analysis

Real-time sentiment analysis

bespoke reporting on engagment
economic stability screesnhot

Customized reporting on identified areas of need such as engagement and SDOH risks

Let us show you how Kumanu can power-up purpose and drive metrics that matter for your organization

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