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Wellbeing 3.0 Webinar - Getting Unstuck: Harness Purpose, Cultivate Connection and Transcend Incentives

“Engage their heads with data and engage their hearts by creating meaningful wellbeing experiences for all levels of leaders.”
- Dr. Jessica Grossmeier

Dr. Jessica Grossmeier, author of Reimagining Workplace Well-Being, joined Eric Zimmerman for our most recent Wellbeing 3.0 conversation.  They discussed ways to get unstuck in the areas of engagement, incentives, and implementing a more holistic wellbeing approach.

Here are 5 key learnings from their conversation:

  • It’s not them, it’s us. What employees say they need from employers to thrive has changed. It’s time for decision makers, consultants and providers to catch up.
  • Engagement isn’t what happens on the portal. Participation is a start, but true engagement in health, work and life matter more.
  • It’s time to transcend incentives. Incentives can help get people to show up, but change won’t stick without harnessing intrinsic motivation.
  • Leaders set the tone, and seed the culture. Leaders who model purposeful behavior, empower others and set the tone for wellbeing.
  • Build on your success, but go deeper. You don’t need to start over, but do need to evolve. Start with people’s “why.”  Healthy habits will follow.

Watch the episode to hear the data and learn strategies that are driving a more connected, engaged, and healthy workforce wellbeing approach.


Reimagining Workplace Well-being: Fostering a Culture of Purpose, Connection, and Transcendence by Dr. Jessica Grossmeier

The Business Case for Investing in Employee Wellbeing

Dr. Jessica Grossmeier

Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH

Wellbeing Researcher and Advisor

Jessica is an award-winning researcher, advisor, speaker, and the author of Reimagining Workplace Well-being: Fostering a Culture of Purpose, Connection, and Transcendence.

She works with employers and well-being service providers to identify evidence-based strategies and practices that promote workforce well-being. Jessica has published more than 80 articles in peer-reviewed and industry professional journals and previously served as co-editor of The Art of Health Promotion section in the American Journal of Health Promotion. 

Eric Zimmerman, MPH, MBA

Chief Innovation & Commercialization Officer

Eric Zimmerman brings global experience in design, launch, and commercialization of breakthrough digital health solutions focused on population health, connectivity, community, and collaboration. Before joining Kumanu, Eric led strategic marketing, product management, business development, and behavior design as Chief Marketing Officer at RedBrick Health. He previously held leadership roles at RelayHealth, Mirixa, Medscape and StayWell. Eric earned his B.A. in Ecology Behavior and Evolution at UCSD’s Revelle College, his MPH in Behavior Science and Health Education from UCLA, and his MBA from Pepperdine University.

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