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Wellbeing 3.0 - Harnessing Purpose to Reimagine Workforce Wellbeing

Welcome to Wellbeing 3.0 – Where bold leaders unite to transform workforce wellbeing experience strategies and help organizations thrive.

In this 30-minute conversation, ProMedica’s Amy Jerome and Leah Budke joined Kumanu’s Eric Zimmerman to discuss How ProMedica Harnesses Purpose to Reimagine Workforce Wellbeing.

The panel discussed the importance of embracing ‘Wellbeing 3.0’ as the next level in organizational wellbeing. They also explored how purpose has become a crucial element in creating a unified, employee-centric wellbeing experience. Leah explained, “This bridges us to a holistic approach. When we talk about physical health, financial wellbeing, social wellbeing, purpose connects across all of those. Financial incentives don’t.”

Listen in to learn strategies to help you engage your leaders, activate enduring behavior change, and integrate a more unified wellbeing experience across your organization. 

Want to learn more about our Purpose-centered Wellbeing Platform?

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