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Want to retain talent? Start with Purpose.

In collaboration with The Harris Poll, Kumanu researchers are continuously taking the pulse of US employees. And today, we have some interesting, timely data to share. We’ve seen a lot in the news lately about employees planning on leaving their current jobs for something more fulfilling. People are burned out, struggling with their emotional wellbeing, and expect more from their employer.

How can you close those gaps and make your organization a place people want to stay? Start by re-centering your approach around the new wellbeing drivers: meaning, purpose, connection, authenticity, inclusion, and growth.

Employees who report their employer supports their personal purpose are 3.5 times as likely to have a strong sense of dignity at work — and as a result, they are 2.3 times more likely to stick around / not leave for greener pastures.

data points for purpose and retention

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