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The Conference Board: Resilience at Work 2019

Chief Innovation and Commercialization of Kumanu, Eric Zimmerman, will be joined by the SVP, Strategic Innovation Group, of Booz Allen Hamilton, Steve Escaravage to speak to HR leaders from around the country on the second day (October 16, 2019) of the Conference Board’s annual Resilience at Work event in Boston, MA.

Purpose and Resilience

A growing effort within the academic community to determine the connection between organizational and individual health and resilience has revealed that the secret link may be a strong sense of individual purpose. Studies show that a strong sense of purpose greatly reduces the risk of anxiety and depression, and allows people to recover quickly from the mental burden associated with challenges or crises – the very definition of resilience. Organizations today should focus their attention and energy on understanding what truly motivates their people and ground their people strategy around this crucial insight. 

This session from Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Escaravage will discuss the most recent neuroscientific wellbeing strategies and real company case studies. Those who join Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Escaravage will leave the talk with science-backed, logical ways to grow their organizational and individual resilience by actively encouraging the discovery and pursuit of their employees’ personal “why” – their purpose. From this, audience members will learn how to achieve greater organizational efficacy by creating a purpose “hub” that merges their talent and health strategies.

The Conference Board's Annual Resilience at Work Conference

Every year, the Conference Board brings together HR leaders from a vast array of industries to discuss how to improve the way that companies effectively invest in their people. The annual Resilience at Work Conference aims to educate these leaders on the most recent developments relating to how and why organizations should care about the resilience of their people, and tries to encourage corporate leaders to change the status quo around corporate HR investment. 

Topics will include: 

  • Rewiring Brains and Equipping Teams for Greater Resilience and Agility
  • Resilient Leadership with Mindful Intentions
  • How to Build a Resilient Workforce Through Organizational Policies and Practices
  • Resilience and Mental Health: Building the Armor of Those Most in Need
  • HR’s Crucial Role in the Future of Resiliency

For more information please follow this link.

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