For Employers

For Employers

Wellbeing is changing. For good.

Organizations today must move their wellbeing strategy from a sideshow solely focused on exercise and nutrition to something central to your employee experience, centered around the new wellbeing outcomes: meaning, purpose, connection, authenticity, inclusion, and growth. We’re currently helping organizations:

  • Build emotional wellbeing and better mental health
  • Nurture a supportive, inclusive, and authentic culture
  • Attract and retain talent amid a historic resignation wave
  • Navigate cross-generational demands for remote work flexibility
  • Keep people healthy, safe, thriving, and connected to your company’s purpose.

Our Results

Reduce Depression Risk

A strong sense of purpose decreases the risk of depression and reduces depressive symptoms.


Reduction in depressive symptoms.

Kumanu Nurse Study, 2017

Create an Inclusive Culture

Promote a culture that's inclusive, open to change, and helps people fulfill a purpose.


Greater openness to inclusivity.

Burrow et al, Purpose in Life as a Resource for Increasing Comfort With Ethnic Diversity, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2014.

Build Resilience to Stress

Purpose unlocks enduring resilience, resulting in greater focus, control, and emotional wellbeing.


Of those at risk improved their resilience. Fully a third went from high to low risk.

Kumanu Book-of-Business Outcomes Study, 2020

Lower Employee Burnout Risk

Stop long term effects of burnout before they start by helping your people live meaningful lives.


Of those at risk increased their engagement in life. And nearly half of those at risk improved their work engagement

Kumanu Book-of-Business Outcomes Study, 2020

Case Study

How we're helping organizations meet the moment.

Kumanu is helping organizations from 500 to 500,000 employees drive stronger Personal, Social, and Organizational Determinants of Health. Find out how we’re helping an employer with a unique set of complex needs.