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“Future of Work” Forces Employers to Re-think Wellbeing, Fuels Kumanu’s Record Growth

Demand for emotional wellbeing solutions drives 600% growth as it brings a new approach to purpose, connection, and social determinants of health

ANN ARBOR, Mich.— July 07, 2021 — Kumanu, a leading purpose-centered wellbeing analytics and solutions company, announced today a year of record growth, new partnerships, expanded capabilities, and demonstrated outcomes. Companies want to support their employees better and are searching for new ways to address the root causes of engagement, retention, and emotional wellbeing.

The bookends of Kumanu’s next-generation employee wellbeing solution — Purposeful and Resourceful — provided new anchor points for organizations looking to support employee wellbeing and behavioral health. These integrated applications support employees in finding greater purpose in work and balance in life while connecting them to resources that solve unique personal, financial, and health-related challenges.

“We’re humbled by the success of our solutions and recognize that we met the moment with the right solutions business and HR leaders need to impact employee wellbeing in a more holistic, meaningful, and lasting way,” said Vic Strecher, founder and CEO of Kumanu. “Our team is inspired by the success of our solutions and the impact that Kumanu is having on people’s lives by filling gaps not being addressed by yesterday’s wellbeing program designs.”

Kumanu’s integrative wellbeing and analytics technology platform is backed by consultative support, deep analytics, leadership workshops, and workforce-wide live events. This combination of elements meets today’s organizational unmet needs, such as helping people build emotional self-regulation skills, lowering the risk of employee burnout, and helping create a more inclusive work culture.

“The silver lining in a very difficult 2020 is that a growing number of diverse employers discovered the powerful way that a purpose and people-centered approach to wellbeing can have on employees’ lives and on their ability to retain and bring out the best in their people,” Strecher said.
Amid its rapid growth, Kumanu secured a round of Series A funding and launched key partnerships with ProMedica, the Harris Poll, and the South Carolina Hospital Association, among others. It expanded globally to service employees in major markets like the UK, Canada, Australia, the EU, and elsewhere. 

Kumanu also launched its AI-driven insights to provide organizations with real-time, outcome-oriented analytics that empower leaders and their people to gain deeper insights to guide their wellbeing strategy and gauge how employee experience links to business outcomes.

In 2020, Kumanu launched a series of national employee surveys with Harris Poll to identify key employee needs in the market. Kumanu’s team of data scientists is building new data-backed models to solve challenges for people and their organizations. 

Its latest product launch, Resourceful, brings together Kumanu’s workplace expertise with leading healthcare system ProMedica — and the ProMedica Social Determinants of Health Institute — to support employers in addressing the unrecognized issues employees face daily. These factors impact nearly one-third of all Americans and are often root causes of employee stress, mental and physical health issues, absenteeism, and poor feelings about work.

By identifying and connecting employees with the right resources to solve both Personal and Social Determinants of Health challenges, Kumanu is helping employees bring their best selves to work.

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